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Eye On Candidates
October 24, 2016

Utah ripe for McMullin?

Utah has long been a reliable Republican state in the electoral college, but that may change in 2016, according to Bloomberg Politics:

Mormon Support Could Push McMullin Over the Top in Utah

In an election year when voters in record numbers say they’re fed up with major-party nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Utah alone appears poised to walk the walk and deliver a win for independent Evan McMullin. 

In no small part, support for McMullin in Utah and and a handful of other western states stems from his Mormon faith, but many members of the Church of Latter Day Saints also say he’s the only candidate on the ballot who shares their political vision. 

“Usually we have a choice between the lesser of two evils but this year both major candidates are evil. He’s the one I can support,” Wendy Greenman, a lifelong Republican, said during an interview at her home in Kaysville, a tidy suburban community 25 minutes north of Salt Lake City. “I loved that Trump was not polished—which is what I think most people like. I’m still gob-smacked he was the Republican candidate.”

The next president almost certainly will not be Evan McMullin, but the fact that he is even in contention to win a single state's electoral votes is just one more sign of how unusual 2016 has been.