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Eye On Candidates
August 12, 2016

Johnson has challenges, and opportunities

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson appears to be a potential factor in the 2016 election, breaking into double digits in many polls. Politico Magazine has an in-depth look at his challenges to date, and what may lay ahead:

Gary Johnson Has a Plan

The rise of Gary Johnson is the latest plot twist in the most unpredictable presidential election in decades. Almost accidentally, the candidate has become 2016’s last remaining bearer of a whole set of modern conservative ideals from free trade to entitlement reform; some top Republicans wary of Trump have already declared for him and many more are leaning toward doing so. At the same time, Johnson’s anti-war foreign policy and liberal stances on social issues have resonated among Bernie Sanders stragglers. And lastly, his message of bipartisanship—or, rather, tripartisanship—is attracting independents frustrated with an increasingly dysfunctional two-party system. To capitalize on this perfect strom, Johnson’s campaign has a game plan, a clearly targeted set of states to nail down that—if all the chips fall their way—could upend the election and, in their vision, land Johnson and Weld in the White House....

The plan may not put Johnson in the White House, but it will likely affect who does eventually reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.