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Eye On Candidates
September 14, 2016

Danger for Trump in “deplorables” comment

Hillary Clinton's comment last week saying that half of Donald Trump's supporters were "deplorables... racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it," has become a significant risk not only to her, but to her rival as well, at least according to CBS:

Political risk for all in Trump-Clinton "deplorables" debate

Trump and his allies across the country insisted Tuesday that the Democratic presidential nominee’s comments reflect an out-of-touch elitist who looks down on working-class voters, akin to 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s assertion that 47 percent of Americans would never vote for him because they were dependent on the government. Democrats - and even some Republicans - warned, however, that this debate could backfire on Trump, drawing new attention to white supremacists and hate groups attracted by his “America first” message....

Trump and his team seized on the comments​ as his supporters across the country embraced a new rallying cry.

“While my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, I call you hardworking American patriots,” Trump declared at a Clive, Iowa, rally.

It's an interesting piece, but it focuses more on the danger to Trump (which is real), and less on Clinton, which is curious since the issue threatens to become her own "47 percent" comment (a statement in 2012 by GOP nominee Mitt Romney about 47 percent of Americans being dependent on government proved to be hugely controversial and was seen as derogatory towards many citizens) and because the Trump campaign seems to be competently handling the issue. Still, it is a useful explanation of how Clinton isn't the only one jeopardized by her comment.