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Eye On Candidates
March 11, 2015

What A Kasich Campaign Might Bring to the Race

National Journal’s Michelle Cottle has a fascinating look at what a potential 2016 campaign by Ohio’s governor, John Kasich, might look like. It takes her a while to get to what appears to be her central thesis, but here it is:

Kasich’s brand of political impatience could fuel or tank his presidential fortunes in 2016. Either way, it would arguably do wonders for the process as a whole. The Republican Party has been struggling to define what it stands for, whom it represents, and where its future lies. Having a seasoned, articulate combatant willing to ask awkward questions, poke sacred cows, and call out episodes of pandering, posturing, or hypocrisy would make the debate more honest and, ultimately, more valuable.

Kasich may or may not enter the race in 2016, but anybody interested in knowing more about him and what kind of president he might be ought to read this piece.