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Eye On Candidates
May 23, 2016

Trump’s tax problems

The Washington Post has an article this morning breaking down polling that suggests businessman Donald Trump will face problems in the general election over his decision not to release his tax returns.

Refusal to release tax returns emerging as a big liability for Trump

Donald Trump bests Hillary Clinton by 2 points among registered voters in the new Washington Post/ABC poll. While within the margin of error, this represents an 11-point swing in his direction since March. The presumptive Republican nominee’s lead is driven by strength among independent voters, who favor him by 13 points.

But our national poll finds that these independent voters are profoundly troubled by Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, a sign of the issue’s potential potency.

Six in 10 independents believe Trump should release his taxes, and almost all of them say they feel strongly about it. Even 44 percent of Republicans want the billionaire businessman to release his returns before the November election, though they are less passionate

Head-to-head polls have been tightening in recent days between Trump and likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, meaning each candidate will be looking desperately for a weakness in their opponent that can shift voters one way or the other. As this poll suggests, Trump's taxes are likely to be something the Clinton team goes after in a serious fashion.