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Eye On Candidates
June 23, 2016

Trump fundraising woes not letting up

On Monday the Trump campaign released fundraising numbers that alarmed many supporters, showing only a paltry $1.3 million in the bank compared to a robust $42.5 million for Clinton. According to a Politico article this morning, the Trump campaign isn't getting the sort of support from the national party or traditional GOP donors it believes it should be getting:

RNC fundraisers hedge on Trump

Donald Trump is relying on the Republican National Committee to help him dig out of a financial hole, but GOP fundraisers are privately encouraging major donors who are leery of Trump to steer their cash to the party instead of to his campaign, according to people with firsthand knowledge of the solicitations.

The fundraisers are emphasizing to donors that they can write huge checks to the party, with only a small fraction of the cash — if any — going to the billionaire real estate mogul, according to documents and interviews with fundraisers and donors....

Donors and operatives backing Trump have raised concerns that the RNC isn’t doing enough to help Trump financially. They say RNC fundraisers seem all-too eager to instruct wealthy Republicans on how they can minimize or zero-out the amount of their cash going to Trump through a pair of joint fundraising committees the RNC formed with its presumptive nominee.

It's unlikely the Trump campaign's next fundraising report will be quite so dismal - the article says a joint fundraising committee between the campaign and party had raised $19 million in recent weeks, some of which will wind up in the Trump coffers - but with only a week left in June, it appears the presumptive GOP nominee continues to face fundraising woes.