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2016 Campaign Watch

A roundup of news and opinions on all the presidential candidates, both Democrats and Republicans. We create and continually update the 2016 Campaign Watch to help educate America's voters on the issues at hand and each candidate's stances.
Advice for Cruz: ‘Forget the Alamo’
October 29, 2014

Advice for Cruz: ‘Forget the Alamo’

Henry Olsen of the Ethics & Public Policy Center has a bone to pick with Senator Ted Cruz and the latter’s regular invocation of the Alamo as a metaphor for how conservatives should approach elections. Here’s a sample of Olsen’s comments, which appeared in the October 20 issue of National Review:

Senator Ted Cruz is a bright man with a bright idea: Conservatives have no power because their leaders have no principles. Rediscover the latter, he says, and we will recover ...