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Eye On Candidates
November 17, 2015

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Ends Campaign

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced this evening that he is suspending his campaign and ending his bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. The Washington Post reports:

Jindal suspends presidential campaign: ‘This is not my time’

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced Tuesday night he is suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, saying that he has concluded he could not be successful in a “crazy, unpredictable” year.

“I’ve come to the realization that this is not my time,” Jindal said on Fox News Channel in an interview with Bret Baier. He added, “We spent a lot of time developing detailed policy papers. Given this crazy, unpredictable election season, clearly there wasn’t an interest in those policy papers.”...

In a crowded Republican field, Jindal struggled to gain traction. He focused heavily on Iowa, where he courted social conservative voters intensively and had begun to tick up in state polls. But he remained essentially a non-factor in the race nationally and was relegated to the so-called undercard stage in all four debates.

Jindal's departure is unlikely to have much impact given his low polling, but he was beginning to gain some support in Iowa prior to his departure and an endorsement by him could carry some weight among the social conservatives he was courting.