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Eye On Candidates
March 24, 2015

Jim Webb On A Mission

Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb hasn't gotten a lot of attention in the Democratic nomination contest, in large part because Hillary Clinton is soaking up so much of the media coverage. But he's on the trail, and could appeal to more moderate and conservative Democrats. Real Clear Politics reproduces a story on Webb that originally appeared in the Sunday Times, a UK news outlet:

Jim Webb's Toughest Mission

His body is still embedded with shrapnel from Vietnam and as a new senator he confronted George W. Bush in the White House over the Iraq War.

But last week James Webb embarked on what may be his toughest mission yet, touring early primary states for the first time as he seeks to build support to challenge the runaway favorite Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Webb, 69, a cantankerous former US Marine Corps officer, became a novelist and Hollywood screenwriter before serving as navy secretary under President Ronald Reagan. He then switched parties and was elected to the Senate in 2006 as a populist Democrat championing the working man.

Now, he is pitting himself against Clinton, who is viewed by his supporters as a creature of Wall Street beholden to big-money benefactors and managed by a coterie of campaign advisers who filter every word she utters...

Webb isn't well known, but at some point he like nearly all the other candidates will get a turn in the media spotlight as an alternative to the frontrunner.