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Eye On Candidates
October 14, 2016

Clinton aims at Utah

It's a sign of just how unconventional a year 2016 has been that Utah, traditionally a bastion of Republican support, is potentially competitive this November, as The Washington Post reports:

Clinton now sees heavily Republican Utah as winnable, her running mate says

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is making “a strong play” to win Utah, a state that Democrats have not carried since 1964, her running mate, Tim Kaine, said Thursday...

Trump and Clinton were knotted at 26 percent in Utah, with independent candidate Evan McMullin at 22 percent and Libertarian Gary Johnson at 14 percent in a poll released this week by Y2 Analytics...

Trump has failed to nail down Utah in large part because the state’s heavily Mormon population has not embraced him. In Utah’s Republican caucuses, Trump finished third, with just 14 percent of the vote.

Strong showings for McMullin and Johnson are crucial to Clinton's hopes for the state, but this year has demonstrated no shortage of surprise outcomes, and a win by the Democrat shouldn't be ruled out in one of the most reliable Republican states in the nation.